Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Way to Find Corporate Sponsors for Your Events

I just came across a terrific resource for event planners, and wanted to share it right away...

In my writing on event planning, I've often mentioned the value of getting corporate sponsors to help offset the costs of your event. If you can find the right match, this can be a great "win-win" way to have a great event and allow your corporate sponsor to get it's message to it's target market. This is especially true for fundraising events, where you want to maximize your profits, but it's great for any event where you just want to keep your costs down and get the most from your budget.

Well, I've just discovered a free web based resource that helps you find sponsors for your events. It's called, and it allows you to post notices and find good corporate sponsors for your events. Also, here's a Press Release with additional information on their services.

I plan to try their services out myself to see about getting sponsors for some of my events, so if I have good results, I'll try to make another post here to update you on how it went. (If you try them out, I'd love to hear about how it worked for you too!)