Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marketing & PR for Creatives

Here's an early "mark your calendar" announcement to all you artists, performers, and anyone else who makes money from a "creative pursuit".  On February 13, in cooperation with ArtsPartners of Central Illinois, I'll be presenting a special workshop at the Peoria Art Guild on Marketing and PR for Creative Professionals.  If you want to make more money doing what you love, this is for you!

Here's the site for more information and registration:  ART MARKETING.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Unique Holiday Gift Idea...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  And though Thanksgiving is past, I do want to express my gratitude for the support of my clients, fans, and friends this past year.  Your support and business allows me to continue doing what I love!

And I'm really excited to announce an event that's coming up in the New Year.  I'll be presenting a special "nightclub" version of my one man stage show, The ART of Magic on Saturday, January 21 at Cherry Street Restaurant and Bar in Galesburg.

If you've never experienced my award winning stage performance, this is a rare opportunity to have an "unforgettable evening of magic, mystery, music, mirth, and fun sure to bend your mind, warm your heart, and tickle your funny bone."  And if you have seen it before, you know this is not to be missed!  I don't perform this show at a venue that's open to the public all that often, so this is a real treat for magic lovers.

A Terrific Holiday Gift...

And YES!  Tickets to this show make an absolutely fabulous and unique gift for that "hard to buy for" person on your holiday list.  Why not give the gift of magic?

To learn more, or order tickets, GO HERE NOW!

I've been having a blast doing my tableside close up magic at Cherry Street on Saturday nights (stop by some evening if you want to see my close up magic), and I'm really looking forward to presenting my stage show in this fun venue.

And if Bartonville is closer to home, don't forget I'll be there next week on December 7, for my monthly appearance at Tyroni's.

Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Corporate Holiday Event Planning Article

Here's a short but helpful article on planning corporate holiday parties when you've gotten a late start on it... something that seems much more common these days:  article.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Got Fruit?

Just a quick note that my Rotary Club here in Canton is currently having their annual fruit sale fundraiser.  We're selling boxes of citrus fruit:  oranges, grapefruit, or a mix of oranges, grapefruit, and tangelos.  If you're in the local area, and would like to order some great fruit, send me an email, or give me a call at 309-647-3692 for details.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I tried my hand a pumpkin carving this year.  What do you think?
Since I'm not working tonight, trick or treaters who come to our house get both tricks and treats!

Hey, don't forget to stop by and see me at Tyroni's on Wednesday night for my monthly appearance!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Updates

Hey, a quick update on a few of my activities during National Magic Month in October.  First, I'm going to be on TV!  Twice!

On Wednesday, October 26, I'll be appearing on the morning show on WEEK-TV 25, probably around 5:45 AM or so.

The next day, Thursday, October 27, I'll be on the 4 PM talk segment on WMBD-TV 31.

Also on Wednesday, October 26, I'll be performing at Spoon River College from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM in the student centers.

And don't forget that I'm at Cherry Street in Galesburg every Saturday night!

Hope to see you soon!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's National Magic Month

It's here again. October is recognized as National Magic Month. Come celebrate the art of lergerdemain and prestidigitation with me...

This Wednesday evening, October 5 at Tyroni's in Bartonville, 5:30 to 8 pm...

Saturday evenings at Cherry Street Restaurant and Bar in Galesburg, 7:00 to 9:30 pm...

and stay tuned for more last minute additions to my schedule.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's All About Me

Is that a narcissistic headline, or what?  Actually I'm referring to a new (to me, at least) social media platform that integrates all your others across the web, and it's called

Here's my brand new About.Me profile page.

From what I can tell, seems to be especially well suited for artists, performers, and other creative types.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Back at Tyroni's Tonight!

Last month Tyroni's was closed for vacation the first Wednesday, so if you missed me then, tonight's your chance.  From 5:30 to 8 PM.  Hope to see lots of you there!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tyroni's on Vacation

Just a quick note for anyone who was planning to come see me at Tyroni's in Bartonville this Wednesday:  Tyroni's is closed for vacation this week, so I won't be there this month.  I'll see you the first Wednesday in September (the 7th).

In the meantime, if you just can't wait for your magic fix, feel free to stop by and see me at Cherry Street Restaurant and Bar in Galesburg.  I'm there most Saturday nights from 7:30 to 10 pm.  As of this writing I do have an outside booking for August 27, but I'll still be able to be at Cherry Street that night too, just a little later than normal.

If you have questions about my schedule, don't hesitate to get in touch: by phone: 309-647-3692 or by email.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Strangeness and Challenges

Well I've had a strange couple of weeks...  A couple of weeks ago, on the way to a show, I had some serious car problems which resulted in my car overheating to the point that the engine was fried.  So I've been car shopping the past couple of weeks (haven't found quite what I want just yet) and dealing with "transportation issues".

Then last week, I was out on my bicycle running a few errands, and my bike and I fell down... Hard...  Going really fast...  On hard pavement...  Ouch.

Banged up, and scraped up, my arm pretty badly, but luckily not so much that I'm not functional.

I guess sometimes you just need a few reminders to pay attention, be patient, and go with the flow.  My friend, Andrew, likes to remind me to discern the difference between a "problem" and an "inconvenience".  He claims that whenever he's tempted to start feeling sorry for himself and thinking he has a "problem", a little voice pops up and says, "This isn't a problem.  You want to see a real problem?"  No thanks!  Reminders.  Valuable lessons.  Gotta love that.

Anyway, I'm healing... my arm and my pocketbook.

Hey, feel free to come out and see me this Saturday evening at the Mt. Pulaski 175th Celebration in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois.  Should be a fun time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Public Appearances

Hey, here are a few chances to see me coming up soon...

This Saturday, I'm performing at the East Peoria Relay For Life at Eastside Center. I'm doing strolling magic from 2--3:30, and a stage show at 4pm.

That night (as well as the following Saturday), I'll also be at my regular gig at Cherry Street Restaurant and Bar in Galesburg.

On June 25, I'm scheduled to appear at Duryea Days at Tower Park in Peoria Heights.

And the following week, on July 2, I'll be performing at the Mt. Pulaski 175th Anniversary Celebration in Mt. Pulaski.

Hope to see you at one of these...  Call me (309-647-3692) or send an email if you have questions.

I Attended a Meeting with the PACVB and Peoria Arts Community

I almost forgot to write about this, but last Thursday I attended a meeting at the Peoria Art Guild hosted by the Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau with various members of the central Illinois arts community.  The PACVB was wanting to brainstorm with the arts organizations and local artists on how we can all work together to use the arts and arts attractions to help better promote tourism to the central Illinois area.  This is something I've been strongly advocating for a long time, and I'm encouraged by the new openness to making this happen.

As you'll know if you follow any of my work, I'm a huge proponent of both the arts and of leveraging the power of the arts to help drive the economy, tourism, education, and many other important areas of our society.  I truly believe the arts, culture, and yes, entertainment, are a driving force and a foundation of progress and vitality in all these areas.

So it's great to see this new opportunity in the Peoria area, and I'm looking forward to working with the rest of the arts community to take full advantage of it.

Here's a shot of me in a thoughtful moment at the meeting:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quotes to Rock Your World

If you love inspiring quotations, you'll be interested to know that I've just been featured in a blog article for entrepreneurs entitled 89 Famous Quotes That Will Rock Your World.  My entry is number 61.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Power of the Arts

For those of you who follow my posts, you'll know that I'm a huge advocate for the Arts. Studies show that the arts and creativity drive our economies and enhance education in profound and far reaching ways.  If you want to go a bit deeper, here's a great article on a conference held last fall on The Role of the Arts in Educating America for Great Leadership and Economic Strength.  There's even a link to the report that came out of the conference, which includes information on how the arts assist achievement and give a competitive edge in education, in the workplace, and even the global economy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Corporate Event Planning Tools

Here's an article I just found with a list of online resources for corporate meeting and event planning.  It includes innovative, web based technology for planning, video conferencing, and much more, (including an app for planning events on cruise ships!!)  Some of these are ones I've mentioned before, but this is one of the most comprehensives lists I've seen.  Also, be sure to check out the comments below the article, as they've listed at least one more useful resource there as well.  Here's the ARTICLE.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One of 25 Who Love Their Jobs

I don't think I'd posted this before, but I was featured recently in an article on about 25 People Who Do What They Love.

Tyroni's Tonight

Tonight's the night... it only happens once a month... stop by this evening between 5:30 and 8:00 PM at Tyroni's Italian Cafe in Bartonville and experience my amazing (if I do say so myself) close up sleight of hand magic.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lessons from TED

Here's an article that combines my interests in the TED conferences and the meeting and event industry. The article explores how to apply the lessons from TED to planning corporate meetings and other events. A great way to inspire creativity and innovation. Here's the ARTICLE.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Business of Art Event

For my artist and "creatives" friends, here's a TEDx event coming up in Chicago on the business of the arts: Website.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meeting Planning Industry Trends Article

Here's an interesting article I just found on current trends in the meeting planning industry and how it's being effected by the economy and rising travel expenses, and how planners are seeking ways to make corporate meetings and events more efficient and effective in the current financial climate.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Haunted Venue

Well, it turns out that I'm not the only attraction with supernatural overtones at my regular Saturday night gig. Though I haven't met her yet, the Cherry Street Restaurant and Bar in Galesburg, where I currently perform on Saturday nights, reportedly has a ghost named Roxanne as a resident. Here's a recent article in the Galesburg Register-Mail.

I'm Top Rated in Springfield

Hey! I just found out I'm the top rated magician in the Springfield area on!

Art Works in Peoria: Update

For those of you who have been following my work with the arts community in the Peoria area, here's an update from Arts Partners on one of the projects I've been involved with.

Friends of the Arts,

We are pleased to report that Congressman Aaron Schock presented our Art Works in Peoria poster to NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman this past week in Washington, DC. In a follow-up phone conversation with us, Rocco mentioned that he couldn’t be happier with his new poster (which is going up on the NEA walls) or with his conversation with Congressman Schock, who is a strong arts supporter and has voted in favor of maintaining funding for the NEA.

Thanks again to our many local area artists who submitted over 2,700 images to comprise this mosaic image. Special thanks also go to photographer Doug Leunig for letting us use his photograph of the skyline of Peoria and to George Brown of Bradley University for creating the composite image.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Restaurant Appearances This Week.

If you missed me last month at Tyroni's in Bartonville because of the snowstorm (I missed me too!), tonight's the night! I'm there from 5:00 to 7:30 PM.

And on Saturday nights, I'm at the Cherry Street Restaurant and Bar in Galesburg. I've got to say that Cherry Street is one of the funnest places I've worked in quite some time. It's well worth the drive up to Galesburg. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Event Planning Site

Here's an article on a new event planning website that sounds interesting. It launches on February 20.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowstorms and Effective Meetings

They're calling it the winter storm of the century, and I'm...

Snowed in. Well, not strictly speaking, since I did get our driveway cleared. (Though I do have a sneaking suspicion the snow plows haven't yet finished with our street, and they'll be coming soon to seal my driveway back in again.... Winter!)

So what better to do than post here? A couple of news updates from Mitch:

First, though tonight was supposed to be my monthly night at Tyroni's in Bartonville, it would seem this month is off, due to the snow. It doesn't look like they'll be open tonight. So stay warm at home, and I'll see you next month.

Also, I am currently featured in an article in a popular blog for entrepreneurs called The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. The article is on useful tips for having more effective meetings, and my tip is #34.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meeting Planners Optimism Rising

Here's another new article I just found on the upturn in the meeting planning industry. Could indicate good things for 2011!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

See Me at Cherry Street in Galesburg

I have a new close up magic venue on Saturday nights. It's the Cherry Street Restaurant and Bar in Galesburg, where I'm doing my strolling, tableside sleight of hand magic on Saturdays from 7:00 to 9:30 PM. It's a really fun place, and the owners, Lou and Stan Devlin are the nicest people imaginable, and they make everyone feel right at home.

Last Saturday was my first night working there, and my magic was a huge hit, and I had a great time.

I've also gotten some press coverage for being there, including an interview the other morning on WGIL Radio, and some upcoming newspaper spots. (I'll keep you posted on those as I know more about them.)

Anyway, it's a terrific time, so come join in the fun!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thoughts on Goals for the New Year

A few thoughts I had on attaining goals; inspired by my friend, Amy B.

If you truly understand, and fully accept, that you are an idealistic person, it becomes increasingly easier to discern (and accept) when your ideal is unrealistic to the physical, emotional, and mental limitations surrounding its potential implementation. It doesn't mean that your ideal vision doesn't reflect "reality". It simply means that it is unlikely to manifest as a physical reality at this particular point in time.

It also doesn't mean that some aspect of it can't manifest physically now, or that it might not be a realistic vision for future manifestation, which is, in point of fact where its true value lies. But it does allow you to more realistically weigh the risks involved in making the attempt and to proceed, or not, with a more accurate assessment of what the actual physical outcomes are likely to be. This understanding, and acceptance, of the paradox between ideal vision and material limitations allows you to make more effective choices of how you spend your time and energy.

That being said, the true paradox is in those appropriate cases where, with full understanding of the limitations and the unlikelihood of manifestation, we nonetheless choose, with open eyes, to pursue the ideal as though there were no limitations. In those cases, even if we fail in attaining full manifestation of the ideal, as we most often do, we nonetheless often surprise ourselves with how much of it we are in fact able to manifest physically.

Of course, this is only truly possible in those cases where we are not attached to any specific outcome, and where we are fully prepared to accept complete failure. Only infinite patience brings immediate results.

But every significant accomplishment of mankind has begun with one or more idealistic visionaries whose ideal was completely unrealistic (from the perspective of the "current" physical reality) at the time of its imagining.

Therein lies the paradox, and the frustration,... as well as the joy, of living in a physical world, with imperfect people and circumstances.