Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Ho, Ho, Holidays Approach!

My holiday season is about to launch. I'm performing at my first holiday party this weekend. Seems like some of the people are planning things late this year though, and waiting 'til the last minute in many cases. Have you made your plans for company or private events yet?

I've been seeing lots of information on creative ways to save on planning costs this year. With the economic worries, many companies are cutting back. But many event facilities and other service providers are also offering special pricing and other incentives, to make up for the lag in business.

My own season is looking pretty decent, though I do still have a few open dates left. Normally I always recommend booking early, since the best dates generally fill well ahead of time. But if you've been waiting to see where you are financially, you can sometimes find bargains as dates get closer. As we move into December, I generally will offer any remaining dates that people inquire about at my regular pricing, rather than the normal "holiday" pricing, just so I can fill the dates without having to devote any extra time and energy to it during my busiest time of year.

Even if you're not planning on using my services this year, if you'd like to get a free consultation and discuss ideas on how to save money and still have a great party, feel free to give me a call; 309-647-3692.

Hey, a special thanks to Lee Maki, Ronna and Jerry James, and the First English Lutheran Church in Peoria. Lee purchased my Deluxe Entertainment Package on this year's "On-air Auction" on WTVP, and I performed for the church this past weekend. I had a great time, and enjoyed meeting everyone there.

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