Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Magic in the New Year


to all my friends, clients, and anyone else stumbling upon these pages...

I hope the holidays were joyous and filled with wonder for you and yours. My season was filled with shows for both new and repeat clients, and I had fun with all of them.

Next week I'm doing a series of shows at Washington Intermediate School in Pekin and am putting together a special program to go along with their "RESPECT" code. I'm looking forward to it, as I think the importance of mutual respect is often overlooked in education. Kudos to the folks at Washington Intermediate for putting together such a valuable program!

HERE is something a friend sent me recently that I thought you might enjoy. It's a "magical" animation based on a new technology. It may take a few moments to load, but once it does, a playing card will appear. Scroll down to the slider bar below it, and move the slider gradually to the right and stop and watch what takes place, then move it a little more to the right and stop and another show will take place. Keep doing this until you get to the end.

Enjoy! And stay in touch!

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